Free Our Sports is an Alcohol Justice campaign committed to exposing and eliminating alcohol advertising, sponsorships, branding, celebrity endorsements, and promotions from every sport, from college games to the Super Bowl, from the World Series to the World Cup and the Olympics.

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Join Alcohol Justice to help drive a wedge between alcohol and sports. Be an advocate for public health and safety. Help us hold Big Alcohol accountable for alcohol-related harm.

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Alcohol Justice will be posting new opportunities here very soon to let activists take direct action against the Big Alcohol companies who most frequently endanger young people with alcohol advertising, sponsorships, branding, and celebrity endorsements. Check back soon to TAKE ACTION.

Global Allies
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Protecting young people from unhealthy and exploitative alcohol advertising is a global issue. In response, the emerging campaign, https://www.EndAlcoholAdvertisingInSport.org is a portal to organizations worldwide who share the mission of removing alcohol sponsorship from sports.

Welcome to the new Free Our Sports™ Film Festival contest website.

This space is dedicated to providing a digital rallying point for young people to creatively oppose alcohol advertising, sponsorships, branding and promotions from every sport, from college games to the NFL Championship, from the World Series to the World Cup and Olympics.

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How old must I be to enter this contest?

    You must be at least ten years old but less than twenty-one.

2) How do I enter the video contest?

    Read the Contest Rules, follow the Contest Rules, make a video, and submit here on the site!

3) How do I submit my video?

    Click here to Register and Submit your video.

4) Will my video be played during the Super Bowl?

     Someday we hope the TV networks will see the wisdom in playing a Free Our Sports™ video during every TV sporting event. For now, though, Free Our Sports™ videos are not played during the Super Bowl.

Thank you.

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The Honorary Host Committee


Marin County

Representative Lynn Woolsey

Senator Mark Leno

Assembly Member Jared Huffman

Bd of Equalization Member Betty Yee

Dist. Atty. Edward Berberian, Jr.

Supt. Of Schools Mary Jane Burke

Sheriff Robert Doyle

Sup. Steve Kinsey

Sup. Kathrin Sears

Sup. Susan L. Adams

Sup. Judy Arnold

HHS Dir. Dr. Larry Meredith

San Rafael

Mayor Al Boro

Council Member Greg Brockbank

Council Member Damon Connolly

Council Member Barbara Heller

Council Member Marc Levine

Police Chief Jeff Franzini

Smith Rafael Film Center

Mark Fishkin, Executive Director



SkyBox - $5000+
Joanne and Peter Haas Jr. Fund

Touchdown - $2500+
Trent Cutler

Field Goal - $1000+
College of Marin
United Food and Commercial Workers Western States 

50 Yard Line - $500+
Marin County District Attorney Edward Berberian, Jr.
Linda Barry Dunn
Heidi Pay
Annan Paterson
Ruben Rodriguez
Michael Vanni
Alabama Citizens Action Program (ALCAP)

First Down - $250+
Marin County Supervisor Judy Arnold
Catherine Condon
John Hanley
Robert Levering
Bruce Lee Livingston and Jodi Reid
Cathy Summa-Wolfe
American Council on Alcohol Problems (ACAP)
Kick-Off - $100+
Tom Colthurst
Harry Ermoian
Serge and Aline Martial
Michael Scippa and Sara Haynes
Andrew Reisenberg
Paul B. Scott
David Shavel
Hope Taft
Mrs. Frances Wood
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